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Published and Forthcoming Research (Peer-Reviewed)

“Employment Adjustment Over the Business Cycle: The Impact of Competition in the Labor Market”, Journal of Human Resources, Forthcoming.

“A Growing Divide: The Promise and Pitfalls of Higher Education for the Working Class”, The Annals of the American Academy of Political and Social Sciences, 2021, 695: 94-106.

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Other Publications

“The advantages of getting into a name-brand college are wildly overblown” Washington Post op-ed. March 15th, 2019.

“We Must Protect Our Most Vulnerable Students From Debt” The Hill op-ed. June 14th, 2018.

“This U.S. State’s Free College Plan Isn’t All It’s Cracked Up to Be” Fortune op-ed. April 13th, 2017.

“To Ease the Student Debt Crisis, Hold Colleges Responsible” Fivethirtyeight op-ed. April 6th, 2017.

“Low Marks for the Department of Education” The Hill op-ed. December 15th, 2016.

“Fancy Dorms Aren't the Main Reason Tuition is Skyrocketing” Fivethirtyeight op-ed. September 13th, 2016.

“Clinton Issues a Promising Proposal for Tuition Reform” The Chronicle of Higher Education op-ed. August 10th, 2015.

“Hidden Costs of Health Benefit Mandates” Real Clear Policy op-ed. June 17th, 2015.

“Colleges Should Share the Risk for Student-Loan Defaults” The Chronicle of Higher Education op-ed. June 8th, 2015.

Congressional Testimony and Technical Reports

Testimony before the House Committee on Education and Labor on the cost of college and student-centered reforms (pdf)

Testimony to the Senate HELP Committee on risk-sharing and student loan policy (pdf)

Comments to the NACIQI on the impact of institutional control on student outcomes (pdf)

Book Chapters

“The Emergence of Income-Share Agreements” (with Dubravka Ritter), in Workforce Realigned: How NewPartnerships are Advancing Economic Mobility. 2021 USA. p. 222-240.

“Job Loss and Effects on Firms and Workers,” (with Kevin Hallock and Michael Strain) Chapter 1 in Cary Cooper, Alankrita Pandey, and James Quick Eds, Downsizing: Is Less Still More?, Cambridge University Press, 2012.

“Executive Pay and Firm Performance” (with Beth Florin and Kevin Hallock) Research in Personnel and Human Resources Management, 2010, 29: 49-86.

Working Papers

“Optimal Accountability Thresholds in Higher Education”

“Is It What You Study or Where You Study? The Importance of School-By-Major Match in the Labor Market” (with Ben Ost and Victor Pan), Revise and Resubmit

“Losing insurance and behavioral health inpatient care: Evidence from a large-scale Medicaid disenrollment” (with J. Catherine Macleana and Sebastian Tello-Trillo), Under submission

“Government regulation and lifecycle wages: Evidence from continuing coverage mandates” (with J. Catherine Macleana), Under submission