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Published and Forthcoming Research (Peer-Reviewed)

“Employment Adjustment Over the Business Cycle: The Impact of Competition in the Labor Market”, Journal of Human Resources, Forthcoming.

“The Returns to College Persistence for Marginal Students: Regression Discontinuity Evidence from University Dismissal Policies” (with Ben Ost and Victor Pan), Journal of Labor Economics, 2018, 36(3): 779-805.

"Higher Ed, Lower Spending: As States Cut Back, Where Has the Money Gone?" Education Next, 2018, 18(3): 72-78.

“Health Insurance Benefit Mandates and Firm Size Distribution” (with James Bailey), Journal of Risk and Insurance, 2018, 85(2): 577-595.

“Mass Layoffs and Higher Education Decisions: Evidence from the State of Ohio” (with Ben Ost and Victor Pan), Labour Economics, 2018, 51: 1-12.

“Immigration and Access to Fringe Benefits: Evidence from the Tobacco Use Supplements” (with J. Catherine Maclean and Jody Sindelar), Industrial Relations, 2018, 57(2): 235-259

“Examining the Interstate Mobility of Recent College Graduates” (with Robert Kelchen), Educational Researcher, 2018, 47(3): 213-215.

“The Implicit Costs of Motherhood over the Lifecycle: Cross-Cohort Evidence from Administrative Longitudinal Data” (with Todd Sorensen and Christian Neumeier), Southern Economic Journal, 2018, 84(3): 716-733.

“State Divestment and Tuition at Public Institutions”, Economics of Education Review, 2017, 60: 1-4.

“High School Experiences, the Gender Wage Gap, and the Selection of Occupation” (With Michael Strain), Applied Economics, 2017, 49(49): 5040-5049.

“The Political Roots of Health Insurance Benefit Mandates” (with James Bailey), Journal of Economic Studies, 2017, 44(2): 170-182.

“Risk-Sharing and Student Loan Policy: Consequences for Students and Institutions” Economics of Education Review,, 2017, 57: 1-9.

“Are College Costs Worth It? How Ability, Major, and Debt Affect the Returns to Schooling” Economics of Education Review, 53: 296-310.

“Firm-Level Monopsony and the Gender Pay Gap” Industrial Relations, 2016, 55(2): 323-345.

“Firm Market Power and the U.S. Earnings Distribution” Labour Economics, 2015, 35: 123-134.

“The Health Consequences of Employment Problems: Evidence from Panel Data” (with J. Catherine Maclean, Michael French, and Susan Ettner), Industrial Relations, 2015, 54(3): 478-498.

“The Impact of Work-Limiting Disability on Labor Force Participation” (with Melissa Bjelland), Health Economics, 2015, 24(3): 333-352.

“Workplace Problems, Mental Health and Substance Abuse” (with J. Catherine Maclean and Michael French), Applied Economics, 2015, 47(9) February: 883-905.

"Is the return to education the same for everybody?" IZA World of Labor, 2014, 92: 1-10.

“The Lifetime Earnings Premia of Different Majors: Correcting for Selection Based on Cognitive, Noncognitive, and Unobserved Factors”, Labour Economics, 2014, 28: 14-23.

“An Application of Unconditional Quantile Regression to Cigarette Taxes” (with J. Catherine Maclean and Joachim Marti), Journal of Policy Analysis and Management, 2014, 33(1): 188-210.

“Expenditures and Postsecondary Graduation: An Investigation Using Individual-Level Data from the State of Ohio”, Economics of Education Review, 2012, 31(5): 615-618.

“Do Expenditures Other Than Instructional Expenditures Affect Graduation and Persistence Rates in American Higher Education?” (with Ronald G. Ehrenberg), Economics of Education Review, 2010, 29(6): 947-958.

“Student Service Expenditures Matter” (with Ronald G. Ehrenberg), Change: The Magazine of Higher Learning, 2010, 42 (3): 36-39.

"Age and disability employment discrimination: Occupational rehabilitation implications." (with Melissa Jo Bjelland, Susanne Marie Bruyere, Sarah von Schrader, Andrew J Houtenville, and Antonio Ruiz-Quintanilla), Journal of Occupational Rehabilitation, 2010, 20(4): 456-471.

Other Publications

“The advantages of getting into a name-brand college are wildly overblown” Washington Post op-ed. March 15th, 2019.

“We Must Protect Our Most Vulnerable Students From Debt” The Hill op-ed. June 14th, 2018.

“This U.S. State’s Free College Plan Isn’t All It’s Cracked Up to Be” Fortune op-ed. April 13th, 2017.

“To Ease the Student Debt Crisis, Hold Colleges Responsible” Fivethirtyeight op-ed. April 6th, 2017.

“Low Marks for the Department of Education” The Hill op-ed. December 15th, 2016.

“Fancy Dorms Aren't the Main Reason Tuition is Skyrocketing” Fivethirtyeight op-ed. September 13th, 2016.

“Clinton Issues a Promising Proposal for Tuition Reform” The Chronicle of Higher Education op-ed. August 10th, 2015.

“Hidden Costs of Health Benefit Mandates” Real Clear Policy op-ed. June 17th, 2015.

“Colleges Should Share the Risk for Student-Loan Defaults” The Chronicle of Higher Education op-ed. June 8th, 2015.

Congressional Testimony and Technical Reports

Testimony before the House Committee on Education and Labor on the cost of college and student-centered reforms (pdf)

Testimony to the Senate HELP Committee on risk-sharing and student loan policy (pdf)

Comments to the NACIQI on the impact of institutional control on student outcomes (pdf)

Book Chapters

“Job Loss and Effects on Firms and Workers,” (with Kevin Hallock and Michael Strain) Chapter 1 in Cary Cooper, Alankrita Pandey, and James Quick Eds, Downsizing: Is Less Still More?, Cambridge University Press, 2012.

“Executive Pay and Firm Performance” (with Beth Florin and Kevin Hallock) Research in Personnel and Human Resources Management, 2010, 29: 49-86.

Working Papers

“Optimal Accountability Thresholds in Higher Education”

“Is It What You Study or Where You Study? The Importance of School-By-Major Match in the Labor Market” (with Ben Ost and Victor Pan), Revise and Resubmit

“Losing insurance and behavioral health inpatient care: Evidence from a large-scale Medicaid disenrollment” (with J. Catherine Macleana and Sebastian Tello-Trillo), Under submission

“Government regulation and lifecycle wages: Evidence from continuing coverage mandates” (with J. Catherine Macleana), Under submission

Research In Progress

“What Defines a Local Labor Market: Applications to Research and Public Policy” (with Lee Tucker and Kevin Rinz)

“Sheepksin or Human Capital? Evidence on the Returns to College from Dismissal Policies” (with Ben Ost and Victor Pan)

“Two-Year Degrees and Earnings Growth” (with Ben Ost and Victor Pan)

“Returns to an MBA: Evidence from Linked Employer-Employee Data” (with Ben Ost and Victor Pan)

“Specific Human Capital and Rates of Decay: Evidence from Linked Employer-Employee Data” (with Ben Ost)

“Completion Grants and Education Outcomes: Evidence From Randomized Control Trials” (with Sara Goldrick-Rab)

“Historical Returns to College Major” (with Joe Price)

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